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Tarbosaurus bataar Sold At Auction Likely to be Returned to Mongolia

In May 2012, a Tarbosaurus dinosaur skeleton was sold at auction for more than one million dollars, the fossil specimen was subsequently seized by U. S. federal officials. The mounted exhibit of an 8 metre long dinosaur may have been smuggled out of Mongolia, where the export of fossils without a sp

Finding a Suitable Fashion Designing College

Are you looking forward to study fashion designing? If yes, then you must explore different fashion designing colleges in Gurgaon before you look anywhere else. Many believe that talent and hard work is all that ...

Easy-to-Make Investigatory Projects

Investigatory projects are often complex, but they do not have to be. Regardless of the field, an investigatory project is completed as soon as you have done some procedure to investigate a certain phenomenon and have reported your results. Thus, by being creative, you can create an interesting inve

Philadelphia LPN Schools

Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love, but it is also the city where you can get your licensed practical nurse (LPN) degree. An LPN works under the direction of a physician or registered nurse and are responsible for a myriad of tasks, including collecting samples, bathing or feeding patien

Getting the Most Out of Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Schools

According to the US Department of Labor, demand is growing on a yearly basis for medical professionals in the rehabilitation field, especially in occupational and physical therapy. Employment in these fields is expected to increase substantially, especially, with an expected job rate increase of up

How to Calculate the Area Under the Curve Between Scores

One way to calculate the area under a normal curve is to use a table of z-scores (probability scores), which gives the corresponding areas under the specific curve. The area between two separate z-scores can be considered if both scores are on the same side of the mean. In other words, both z-scores

Six Tips For Learning Another Language

If you would like to practice a completely new language, there are undoubtedly a handful of tried and true approaches and ideas that you could make full use of to reinforce your success and even ...

Global Warming School Projects

Global warming is changing many aspects of our environment, including climate. Some of these changes can be dangerous as they progress. Some people actually understand very little about global warming and its effects. Teachers can use class projects to help their students understand how global warmi

How Do You Spot Trends?

Spotting Trends and getting a glimpse of things to come is never easy, short or long term. Sure, it is easier to spot near-term trends, but how would you go about that? Often, as Futurist, I am asked "how do you do it?" Luckily, I am right most of the time, certainly not all. My methods ar

Consequences for Breaking Classroom Agreements

Today"s teacher is expected to handle minor discipline issues in the classroom as well as enact precautions to prevent the escalation of those issues into major ones. The first line of defense against discipline infractions is to make the expectations and consequences known from the outset. However,


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