Top Products Imported From China To Canada

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The opportunities that come with importing into Canada are infinite. Since Canada is an industrialized nation, it's unsurprising that their wealth is also relatively high. Although Canada is a huge country, its population on the other hand is rather small for its size. In fact the population of Canada is hardly 1/10th of the US. They have minimal processing capability to cater to the demands of the market. Canadians also have a large appreciation for foreign products. The following are the most imported products from China to Canada.

15. Food and Agricultural Items
There is an inconsistent pattern with the Canadian diet. Before, red meat utilized to dominate the food market, but these days, fruits and vegetables have become more preferred by consumers. These goods normally comprise of dairy products, lettuce, bananas, cereal etc.

14. Aircraft Parts
The aviation industry of the country is mainly fueled by the National Defense of the Canadian government. Since the government continues to empower the defense sector, the demand for aircraft components is also increasing.

13. Boat Equipment
There are government regulations that restrict the manufacturing of boat equipments. This is the main rationale why Canada opts to import from other countries around the world. The two most in demand boating equipment that Canada imports from China are Compasses and outboard motors.
12. Construction Materials
Products that are in great demand for this section are vinyl windows, roofing components and floorings.

11. Computers and Computer Software
Computer software is needed profoundly by the education, entertainment, and IT industry of Canada. Computer sales increase along with the increase in the demands for machines and software programs. The following products are the highly in-demand: desktop computers, modems, laptops and software.

10. Electronic Goods
Most small-scale scale manufacturers in Canada for electronic goods cant provide enough merchandise for public consumption. This is where Chinese manufacturers can be of assistance; making ends fulfill. The products imported range from transistors to diodes.

9. Furniture
Items that are marketable for this division are computer workstations, desks and chairs, car seats, dining tables and etc.

8. Office and School Items
Canada Normally imports staples, papers, paper clips from China. Japan and Germany earlier provided these goods to Canadian merchandisers.

7. Health Merchandise
Canada is famous for its healthcare-focused government. Clearly, since this field is a main concern of the government, they continue to import effective health products and medical equipments. Items like canes, wheelchairs, radiology equipment, and dialysis machines are demanded by Canadian customers.

6. Household Merchandise and Appliances
As the population of Canada multiplies, the demand for supplies like lawn tools, kitchen appliances and plumbing components are likewise broadening.

5. Heavy Machinery and Industrial Equipment
Since the technological innovation in Canada is lacking, the equipment used for the Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas and Industrial Refrigeration Industries are imported.

4. Telecommunication Products
The Canadian population has a extremely strong desire for foreign telecommunication items, despite the fact that there are strong domestic contenders that can provide to their demands for these commodities. Chinese telecommunication products continue to excel providing mobile phones, fiber optic cables, wireless telephones and others in the Canadian market.

3. Clothing and Textiles
This is definitely the market where Asian manufacturers such as China continue to reign over. The importation of apparel from China to Canada has expanded widely in the past years. Fabrics both natural and man-made, carpets and rugs are some of the merchandise that continues to be marketable, as well as apparel for men, women and children.

2. Toys and Sports Equipment
Canada is recognized to be a health conscious nation, so it's not shocking that one of their prominent imports are sports and health equipment. Canadian young children likewise enjoy the tremendous quality, durable toys China produces and parents enjoy the affordable price tag it has attached to it.

1. Vehicles and Automotive Parts
Automotive dealers and exporters are demanded in Canada since the demand for parts are constantly broadening. The products that are in great demand for this section are vehicle parts to service or repair cars. The merchandise that are in demand vary widely from wheels, car electronics, and transmissions to drive axles.

Due to the diverse population of Canada, it proves to be a gold mine for importers. It's the best location to begin an import operation since the potential for profitability is huge. Acknowledging the ideal products to import from China to Canada is extremely important to succeed in the import operation in this nation.

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