Double Traffic With Off-Page Marketing

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Even if you have the best available search engine optimization (SEO) on your site and loads of content, believe it or not, you are still missing something.
The world of search engine marketing (SEM) begins with off-pages and links and can double traffic to your website and increase sales.
Put Off-Page Links on Your Site Though off-page marketing is generally "off" your site, it begins on your site as well.
The more links you have, the more the search engine spiders will find you.
Use your blog, articles page and other content to link keywords to your homepage or specific on-site pages such as other articles, resources, and products and services.
However, do not only link to yourself.
Linking to other people's sites can also help your stats and drive traffic.
Be sure to link to a site that is higher ranked than yours such as About.
com, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, etc.
Keep in mind that surfers look for valuable information, therefore link to something that's worthwhile.
Otherwise they will quickly leave the site you linked to and may not bother to come back to yours.
Remember the goal is also to keep surfers on your site for as long as possible.
Article Directories - Make Your Content Accessible Register with articles directories and post all of your articles and resources under your or your company's name.
Most ezines like EzineArticles, GoArticles and ArticleDashboard give options for a resource box that you can add up to three self-promoting links to your content.
That way your business will appear on multiple pages for people to search.
You can also link some of your on-page articles to these sites as well for added benefits.
Social Networking and B2B Marketing Use the social web to promote your website and generate leads.
Social networking has become increasingly popular in today's world.
There is no reason to not use this tool to help increase traffic and sales.
They were developed to connect people and businesses.
MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Naymz and thousands of other networking sites are great for personal and corporate branding.
Create a profile and use it to shout out updates on content, new products and services, eBooks and reports as well as many other online marketing strategies.
Direct Response Results! Off-page marketing really works.
The more sites you link to the more others will link back.
Provide interesting and newsworthy content, and you will see results.
Don't forget to pick unique and relative keywords.
Follow these simple steps to your web success.

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