PLR Videos - How to Completely & Easily Edit Your Videos For Totally New & Unique Results

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- Do you purchase private label rights videos? - If so, why? - Do you buy them for a quick return on your investment? - Do you buy them because, once you fully edit them they can become an entirely new product? - Do you simply add an opening and closing title screen and consider that 'editing' because doing any more is just to difficult? If giving the plr videos a total makeover was not difficult, but merely time consuming..
would that make a difference? Comparing eBook resell and video resell, I would have to say that all things equal, the videos would command a much higher return.
If you spend time to re-do the graphics, sales copy and give the eBook text a bit of a spin to end up with a unique product, why couldn't / shouldn't you do the same with the plr videos? There are several ways you can 'spin' the video to end up with a unique product and would take a fraction of the time that it would take to do the video from scratch.
Again, just like the plr eBook.
No research needed, and no special skill set required other than a tad bit of patience.
Here are a few ways you can crank out new and unique products from your private label rights videos.
BTW, no one said that you can only re-purpose a set of videos once..
I have 3 series of videos on Twitter floating around the web that have the same audio but 3 completely different looks.
The following ideas require Camtasia Studio version 6.
2 or newer (they have a free trial period of 30 days I believe) to unlock the audio from the video or any other video editing software that can unlock the audio from the video - Sony Vegas is another.
After you have unlocked the audio from the video (If you are not sure how to do this just email me for directions), you can remove the video completely and have only the audio.
Save as a MP3 file & you now have an Audio eBook.
You can get screen-captures (print screen) of certain parts of the video and with Open-Office Writer you can add the images to an odt or doc file along with some text you added that you heard from the video and then export as a PDF and now you have a brand new eBook that you can add affiliate links or your own product links to and give away or sell.
Combine ideas 1 & 2 for a more valuable product - or if selling one, add the other as an upsell.
If the language of the video is not the primary language of your customer base, have the video transcribed and record yourself reading the transcriptions in your primary language.
Unlock the audio from the video then sync your narration to the video.
How do you market your plr videos - the easy way..
or the other way?
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
It is time to STOP thinking 'How' & START thinking WOW-I can do this!

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