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Promotional items can be distributed at conventions and fairs.
Popular expos are also a great place to set up a stall and advertise the company by offering free goodies.
Promotional items remind the receiver whenever they look at the item or they use it of the company it's from.
Good quality promotional items can say a lot about the quality and standard of the company so it is advisable that when choosing your promotional items make sure they are the best.
Why do I need promotional items? oTo create a Brand Recognition oHelp in advertising the company oAlways reminding the user about your company oCreate goodwill and create a favourable impression on the clients oIt is also a good corporate gifting idea Different types of promotional items: T-shirts These are a good way to advertise your company.
You can have cool sayings or have the company slogan across the back.
The t-shirt can even be in the company colours to improve brand recognition.
These t-shirts can even be used by employees during fairs and conventions so that they are easy to spot or even during company games.
Mugs Coffee mugs with the company name or logo are another promotional item.
Everyone drinks tea or coffee in the office or at home, then why not remind them of you during their break.
Today mugs can even be printed with pictures and sayings so now your promotional item does not have to be boring and non-creative.
Key Chains Everyone needs key chains, for the door, car keys, and office keys so they are a very good promotional item.
As they are very small you can have only your company logo on it.
Mouse Mats You can save the clients money by gifting them the company mouse mats.
In today's day and age everyone has a computer may it be at home or at office.
So every time they turn on the computer and use the mouse they will be reminded of your company.
You can print really creative art on a mouse mat making it a keeper.
Coasters Coasters are made of cork, paper, wood or plastic and are used to place your drink upon on the table.
You can get very creative by making them in your company colours or cutting them out in your company logo (if it is possible), or print some interesting pictures that can be associated with your company.
For e.
a car company can print all their car pictures on the coasters.
Calendars One thing people need to follow in an office especially is a schedule and how can they do that without having a calendar.
You can print product pictures or on site pictures for every month.
The advantage of a calendar is that you can also give some additional information like address of the company, phone number, product list, etc.
These are just a few items that can be used for promotional purposes.
They not only look good but create a favourable impression on the receiver.
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