How to Set a Programmable Thermostat in Hot Weather

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If you want to cut costs on your utility bill and save energy, a programmable thermostat [] is just what you need. Honeywell and other top thermostat manufacturers produce programmable that can help you manage your home more efficiently. Here are some tips to set a programmable thermostats able thermostat in hot weather to operate your air conditioner efficiently.

Learn how to manually program your thermostat by reading the printed instructions that came with your programmable thermostat. Do not worry if you cannot find them - simply search the internet for the model name (e.g., Honeywell RTH230B or RiteTemp 6022) to find the instructions online.
Set the temperature at the time you get out of bed in the morning to the desired standard home temperature. ENERGY STAR recommends a standard home temperature of 78 F in hot weather. (See the Resources section below for a direct link to more ENERGY STAR tips)
Increase the temperature by at least 7 F at the time you go to work. If there are others in your household, use the time the last person leaves for work/school.
Lower the temperature back to the standard temperature at the time you return home for the day (or the time the first person in the household returns home). Consider setting this time a half hour or so prior to your return to cool the house down before you get home.
Raise the temperature a few degrees at bedtime. If you prefer a cooler house at night, you can skip this step or consider using fans to cool the room.
Tips & Warnings
  • Most ENERGY STAR rated programmable thermostats are pre-programmed with a recommended schedule. You can adjust these settings to fit your needs.

  • 5-1-1 or 5-2 programmable thermostats allow you to program weekends (or other days) separately to account for varying schedules.

  • Do not forget to consider the needs of pets and other family members when programming your thermostat.

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