How to Measure Trailer Axles With Electric Brakes

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    • 1). Jack up the trailer and remove the tires from the axle to be measured. Make sure the trailer is safely supported.

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      Instruct your helper to hold the tape measure against the front face of the hub. This is the area the wheel fits against. Read the distance from one hub face to the other hub face. This is the track width.

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      Have your helper hold the end of the tape measure to the center of one of the spring mounting pads. Read the tape measure at the center line of the other spring pad. This is the spring center distance. Both dimensions are required when ordering a new axle.

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      Measure from the center line of the sprindle to the center line of the axle tube to determine axle drop on dropped axles. Also note the position of the spring pad, above or below the axle.


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