10 Biggest Video Production Service Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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They say a picture speaks a million words and this thinking has seen video production shoot over the last one decade. Video marketing and many other video productions are being used by business and organisations in order to reach out to more people.

A report by Cisco reckons that in the next two years, 90% of all web traffic will be video. With the International Telecommunications Unit reporting that there are over 2.3 million people on the internet this is clearly a tool you should consider for your business.

This being a highly technical project, you need a video production company to work with you from conceptualization to the launch of the video.

Mistakes to Avoid with a Video Production Service

€Leaving scriptwriting to the video company: The story should always be told by you as the client. However good the video production services never let the company dictate your story.

€Telling a lopsided story: You must concentrate on the audience to ensure that it is captivated by the content. As such avoid trying to create a picture of who you are not.

€Looking at the video as an irritating task: Again you must remember that the video production company is going to do what you want. Nevertheless, do not give it all the leeway. You must get involved totally to avoid getting overwhelmed and letting others do your work.

€Making a video for the sake of it: Once you hire video production services, the provider will just do your bidding. As such you can only get the best out of the services if your video has a strategic purpose for your business.

€Poor SEO optimization: If your video is to be utilized online then it must be optimized for search engines. If you hire just any videographer, you will not enjoy this crucial skill and your video will never reach the target market. As such hire wisely.

€Poor quality production: Videography is a costly affair and hence the quality you get depends on the resources a video company has. This means you must ensure professionalism to avoid cutting corners during pre-production and other such gimmicks.

€Strait jacket thinking: Now that you have hired a professional do not allow ideas to be shoved down your throat. Make sure the video being made suits your personality.

€Long-winded video: If your video service provider is lazy, it will avoid the gruelling task of editing and give a long but pointless video. You must have a time limit to work with.

€Poor preparation: Lack of preparation leads to poor quality video and you must always be present to make sure things go well.

€Using the cheapest service: They say cheap is expensive. It is best to avoid cheap video production services and instead go for high quality to prevent loss of money.

There you have it, getting quality videos is as easy as selecting a professional video production company. Why take the risk working with a quack?

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