Spit Shine Your Future in the IITs With These 5 Career Advices

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One of the legends of the 20th century, Sir Steve Jobs said, “Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future” while explaining the importance of time in one of his speeches. We always tend to either regret about the actions of our past or put in efforts to be something or simply secure the future. Thus there is a lot of emphasis on the fact that we want a good future for us and most of the times we are ready to put in efforts for it. More often than not a secure future is brought synonyms to having a secure job, a decent house, a family car etc. It comes down to being able to make money smartly in the end and have a reputation in the society. Students at even higher school level know that they have to plan well for their professional courses and know well what they want to make out of themselves in the future. On the same lines students who aspire to do engineering also aspire to study in the very elite Indian Institute of Technology. There are classes like Kshitij coaching classes that help them achieve this dream by cracking through the entrance exams with their classic study material. Once in, this place is like a bag of goodies only the student has to put in 200% efforts to earn it. One of the most attractive things out here is the great career opportunity the struggle brings with it. Career opportunities here are not only limited to giving you exposure to technology related fields but also other areas like consultancy or you might also become the dean of the Harvard business school like Mr. Nitin Nohria who himself is an IIT alumnus.

Here are some tips by Kshitij coaching classes which is a pioneer in this field to give you a clear career path to make the most out of the IITian brand and spit shine in future.

1-Know that you represent a brand and respect it

As IITians it is very vital for you to firstly respect this place and know that however high you go in life, this institute has laid the foundation for it. It is imperative for the students to know you represent a particular brand and behave and look out for opportunities that way. The smartness lies in picking up job opportunities or any other career opportunities with smartness, because it will be picking up the best from a batch of already best opportunities.

2- Keep moving

There is a high paced life that one experiences at this institute. Students tend to be booked up for 3 months in advance with projects, exams, seminars and what not, thus leaving with students very less time to crib about the mistakes committed here. So students have to keep up the pace and try to give in more than 100% every time and that too in the first attempt as there is no coming back to it!

3- You are responsible

It is time to start tacking ownness of your actions and results. If something is successful, you did it and also if there is a blunder, you did it too! For an ideal career, taking decisions for you is important and the right time to start doing this is now! If an individual is confident enough to accept his or her mistake and learn from it, there is nothing more an attractive personality needs to be successful.

4- Be confident

A person who is confident talks volumes about his or her personality. It is important to know what exactly you want in life do you want, however there is scope of exploring and learning more on the go. For instance, knowing that you specifically want an apple pie and hunting for it makes your life simpler than just hunting for a tasty pie! Confidence in yourself can e developed and we at Kshitij Coaching classes train these soft elements in our students too!

5- Execution time

For all those folks who only plan and fail to execute also do not walk up the ladder and tend to fail after a point. So after we have a plan ready, it is time to get going now. Let us build influential resumes, let us take advantage of the best faculty at college and Kshitij Education and go up high in our careers.

And since you know these efforts will give you super sweet fruits, so why not go that extra mile. You have only 1 life to live, so it might as well be a life you love. Dream high, achieve higher!

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