Watching the Enemy

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When the occasion arrives and the balloon goes up, one will have a complex time revealing which acquaintances are friendly and which could be of a dangerous breed.
In cases as that, it becomes more imperative then ever to be able to discriminate certain mannerisms that may be out of the norm.
Suppose you are held up in your retreat securely with your family, friends or even solo, and you see a outsider approaching.
It wouldn't be moral to assume that all strangers are out to do you harm, however due diligence must be exercised until the true actions of the person is known.
He approaches closer and you instruct him to halt in his tracks.
He does so and you begin quizzing him on his motives.
As he explains his circumstances to you it is imperative that you pay particular attention to precise details as he speaks.
It's a much easier undertaking then what you may perchance think it is.
The foremost key is to observe carefully for any suspicious behavior that the new arrival may offer.
When chaos rules supreme tension and stress is sure to be high for everyone concerned so you may perhaps fault one or two broken keys for that, but if you were to perceive more then a couple off key responses things may not be as they appear.
Specified aspects relating to a person's qualities that you should be watchful of is:
  • The individual is carrying on a conversation with you and when you ask him explicit questions his voice pitch tends to become altered.
    Use this as a possible key that he is not telling the truth.
  • Similarly if the persons rate of speech begins to fluctuate you may have a liar on your hands, so beware of what they reveal.
  • Don't accept interruption words as customary.
    If the person recurrently uses "ah" or "uh" then take heed as they are thinking on the fly and telling you what they think you want to hear.
  • In any conversation eye contact is central.
    Usually you would find a normal discussion between two friendly people to have eye contact approximately 1/2 of the time.
    If this span is a significantly less in time then conceivably the individual has something to withhold and in that case provides a reason for doubt.
  • Watch the person's body language.
    Do they turn and fuss consistently? Do they relocate their hands around just a bit too much? Are the hand movements directed towards their face and particularly the mouth? Do they appear to have a lot of leg movement? These are issues that could give them away if they are not as they appear.
Of course these are merely a few of the signs that you may perhaps have a hostile person in your midst.
Watch for any combination of the above clues to read the strangers intentions even further.
Honest people usually are calm, relaxed, smile considerably and look at you with warm eyes, even in times of crisis.
However, should the person be lying to you they will offer several inconsistencies.
As an example, the stranger may keep repeating that they mean you no harm but fail to offer a natural smile in the process.
There is actually no completely positive system by which you can reveal the intent of anyone approaching your compound but as I always say you must get into the flow and feel what is going to happen.
As they say in the "Star Wars" movie you must develop the Force.
Good luck.
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