The Royal Wedding-HRH Prince William and Kate Midldeton

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The Royal Wedding will be broadcast live on giant screens at two central London locations, where Londoners and visitors alike will be able to join in the celebrations.Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square will be the venues for free live screenings of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding. They are being jointly organised by the Department of Media, Culture & Sport, the Mayor of London, and The Royal Parks.Following the historic news that Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey a treasure of memories of the royal wedding memorabilia goes into production. If you are a royal watcher, or just looking for an investment opportunity, now is the time to start investigating everything about William and Kate. Cups and dishes have always been a favorite in any collection in the build up to any special event of the Royals. It will certainly be a great variety of types of China with both Prince William and Princess Catherine likenessess on them, along with Royal crest or perhaps Westminster Abbey in the background. Fine Bone China with hand painted decoration of the wedding is often a good recommended for purchase, as they may bring their own value, even without the commemorative pictures. Royal thimbles will be printed with photos of the happy couple. Royal commemorative thimbles back more than a century and have long been an element of value to collectors. Seek out thimbles have been produced using a method of engraving on precious metals like gold, silver or platinum. Collecting these will be much higher in value, along with the commemorative element. Start collecting any type of reading material on the newlyweds to be. Magazines, books, brochures, newspaper articles, all concerning William and Kate's historic journey. The stamps are another favorite subject of collection. Not just from the UK, but worldwide. Almost all countries of the Commonwealth will issue commemorative stamps. If you are a collector of stamps, why not create a collection of royal theme. Create a collection covering the period of engagement, wedding, birth of children, and so on. Topics like this are more likely to add value over time, especially if kept in folders and good condition.

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