Value Based Marketing - The Only Way to Become Rich in Network Marketing

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Simply 'Telling' your prospects to join your network marketing business or constantly 'Selling' your products to them is very unattractive and is a sure-fire way to lose your prospects interest.
No one wants to be relentlessly pitched to; instead, they want valuable information that will help them to make choices that are right for them.
Thus, through Value-based marketing, you can really connect with people and eventually get them to join you in your home-based networking marketing business.
Value Based Marketing Or Social Marketing Also known as Social Marketing, value-based marketing is based on giving rather than asking.
You need to provide value to your prospect first before you can offer them your product, service, or business opportunity.
Most network marketers only think of getting a sign-up when talking to their prospects.
However, if you can change your thinking from 'It's all about you' to 'It's all about the prospect' then you can truly be a successful network marketing leader.
Providing value to your prospect starts with trying to understand and anticipate what your prospect wants and then giving them solutions that will help fulfill those wants.
Your marketing should always be aimed at trying to provide a specific solution to your prospects problems or desires.
For instance, you may have a great product or service, but unless you offer value to your prospects, your products will be no different from thousand others.
For example, let's say your network marketing company has fabulous health products that can help people to achieve optimum health.
But there are hundreds of such products in the marketplace; why will your prospect be interested in yours? Simply because you're telling them so is not good enough.
However, let's say you started organizing a small Health Seminar of sorts and invited people for it.
At the seminar, you don't pitch your products but educate people on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
You talk to them about the importance of a good nutritional diet, exercise and the likes.
You show them how they can become healthier by adopting small diet changes and incorporating exercise into their lives.
In this way, you're offering them a lot of value without shamelessly pitching your products on them.
People will start thinking of you as an authority on health and your health seminars will help to gain their trust.
Once you have achieved this, when you now start showing people how your health products can benefit them, they'll be more than ready to buy from you or join you in your home-based business.
Thus, by positioning yourself as someone who wants to truly help others and is not simply trying to sell them things, you'll set yourself apart from all the others and people will come to you when they want to buy products related to your area of expertise.
In the same manner, you can position yourself as an expert regardless of what product or service you are offering.
In short, value based social marketing is all about making the effort to build relationships with people so that they start to think of you as a trusted advisor.
By offering value without 'telling' and 'selling', you're enhancing your credibility with people.
And believe us when we say, prospects are far more likely to remember someone who was eager to help them than someone who was only interested in selling to them.

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