Consequences for Breaking Classroom Agreements

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    In-Class Discipline

    Teacher-Assigned Detention

    Administrative Detention

    • Administrative detention may last an hour.Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

      Administrative detention is assigned after the student has failed to serve teacher detention or as the next step in the progressive disciplinary process. Administrative detention is held in the morning or afternoon and usually lasts longer than teacher assigned detention (one hour). However, sometimes students continue to violate the rules, providing evidence that administrative detention has not been a successful deterrent.

    ISS -- In-School Suspension

    • The ISS coordinator watches the student's every move.Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images

      In-school suspension (ISS) is a disciplinary measure in which the student is restricted to an isolated classroom with the ISS coordinator and other ISS students. The errant students are required to sit in cubicles to complete their daily assignments. They are not allowed to socialize, talk, put heads down or do anything except work. Lunch is eaten in isolation in the ISS room. If students are not compliant in ISS, they are suspended out of school for the day.

    OSS -- Out-Of-School Suspension

    • You may not come to school when you are assigned OSS.Thomas Northcut/Stockbyte/Getty Images

      Out-of-school suspension is a very serious disciplinary measure. Students are banned from attending school for a specified number of days. The number of days assigned depends upon the seriousness of the offense. Fighting, for example, might earn the student 10 days, while insubordination may earn a student one day. The down side to this disciplinary measure is that students are totally removed from instruction and my not make up work.


    • The student can be expelled when they can't behave.Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

      The ultimate step in the disciplinary process is expulsion, or the removal of the student from the school for the remainder of the semester or year. More often than not, the student is given the option of enrolling in an in-system alternative school. In this case, the student will not be able to return to campus or attend school activities such as basketball games, football games, prom or any other social or academic event.


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