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Baby Crafts for Kids

Children enjoy making crafts about image by Dron from Fotolia.comChildren in elementary and preschool enjoy making all kinds of crafts, particularly ones about babies. It gives them a feeling of superiority and makes them feel like they are a big kid. Whether you or someone...

How to Get a Dark Space Map for Homeworld 2

The real-time strategy game "Homeworld 2" takes place in vast stretches of dark space that don't look much like the environments of any other strategy game. Nevertheless, like those in other games, "Homeworld 2" levels are drawn from simple map files, and you can download plenty of them from online

How to Determine the Cut, Clarity & Carat of a Diamond

It takes a great deal of study and expertise to determine the quality of a diamond. Fortunately, the Gemological Institute of America has provided clear guidelines so a consumer can understand the meaning of the terms and rankings assigned to their diamond. The GIA standards are considered industry

How to Make a Kitchen Towel That Hangs on an Oven Door

Hanging a kitchen towel on the oven door can be handy, until it falls on the floor or is dragged around the house by the children or dog. Keep your towels in place using a button or Velcro; this is an old-fashioned idea with a new twist. Instead of using a crocheted top for your towel, use fabric or

How to Re-Stain a Crib

If the old stain on your crib is fading, breath fresh life into it by adding a new finish. While cheaper furniture is generally made of either veneered particle board or softwoods, cribs tend to be composed of finer hardwoods, which don't always accept liquid stains particularly well. For an attract

Germination Of Seeds + Self Growth = Success

Everyone is at a totally different place in their lives. Often you will figure out the new idea right away and perhaps even act on it in the moment. But on other occasions it will take a while. Don't get angry at yourself when you don't understand something right away. It simply means the

How to Make a Medieval Dulcimer

When teaching children about medieval history, you can make the lessons more interactive and exicting by providing the kids with an on-theme craft to keep the children interested in the material. For example; show your students how to make and decorate a simple dulcimer using basic materials, such a

How to Get Behind the Fighter in UFC 2010

"UFC Undisputed 2010" is a fight simulator created by the game developer THQ. Players choose from a roster of Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters and compete in bouts of three to five rounds. All bouts start with the fighters standing, but players can take their opponents to the ground from a n

How to Create a Family Scrapbook

One of the more creative (and portable!) ways to preserve family memories and genealogical history is to collect all of this information into a scrapbook themed around your family history. Learning how to make a family scrapbook is easy and you can get started today.

How to Make Cardboard Signs

Cardboard signs have many uses, from telling people you'll work for food to directing drivers to your garage sale. In order to attract attention, your sign should be large, colorful or both. Eye-catching signs don't have to be expensive. Using only a cardboard box and a few materials available in yo

How to Make a Ceiling Curtain

Ceiling curtains add a striking focal point to any room. These tall curtains are especially useful for rooms with low ceilings or those that require a divider. Ceiling curtains can be placed at a window, around a bed, as a wall decoration or even in the middle of a room. The key is determining your

How to Make Children's Pillowcases

Pillowcases are a cinch to make because they are such a basic shape and require few hems. You can make a pillowcase with little sewing experience. If you want to match the theme of your child's room and can't find pillowcases, find the fabric and make them yourself. Your children can even join the f

Unique Ways to Display Hats

Whether you collect vintage hats, cowboy hats, or baseball caps, you need a way to store, care for and display your hats. Moreover, you may want a display that is a bit more unusual than a basic hat rack. If you sell hats, your displays are even more important and may need to stand out from the crow

How to Stencil a Border

Make your home stand out from other houses with personalized wall designs. A stenciled border adds a decorative touch to a room, giving it a cozy feel and reflecting your own style. Stencils are available at craft and home improvement stores.

How to Make Earrings Out of Lace

You don't have to enjoy stringing tiny beads onto thin pieces of wire or bending wire in elaborate ways to make your own stylish earrings. Indulge your love of fabric by transforming elegant lace motifs into homemade earrings. White and cream aren't the only colors of lace that fabric stores carry,

How to Make My Own Oscilloscope

Scientists who need to observe and monitor changes in wave shapes of electrical signals and other radio waves frequently use an oscilloscope. Lab-grade oscilloscopes can quickly run up in cost, especially if you need to accurately measure the waves and record data related to the waves you are monito

How Can You Get More Money

Some of you will be a bit surprised to see me supporting an interest in money - Buddhists don't do money, right?

DIY Slip Covers

A well done slip cover can change the look and feel of a piece of furniture, even the look and feel of a whole room. Covering furniture in a custom slip cover can reduce the need to reupholster worn-out furniture or replace outdated furniture, thereby lowering the cost of redecorating a room. You

How to Build a Scrapbook Paper Holder

Any avid scrapbooker knows that a well-planned storage system is essential for keeping your materials organized. You can easily spend a few hundred dollars putting a system together with all the ready-made scrapbooking storage containers available for purchase, or you can be a little creative with f