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Resume Distribution Services May Not Be Worthwhile

It sounds irresistibly appealing. For $50-$100, a resume distribution or 'blasting' service will send your resume to literally thousands of recruiters, corporations and job-posting boards. Think of th

Benefits of an Electrical Training Course

It is important to undergo an electrical training course in order to be employed as an electrician. Such courses provide complete theoretical knowledge and practical training in the field, which is what employers look for in their personnel.

The Advantages of Distance Education for Nursing

Distance education offers a number of advantages to nursing students. Distance education is a growing phenomenon in the world of higher education. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field of nursing will grow by some 22 percent between 2008 and 2018. While most nursing...

Essential Factors In Choosing A Philippine Call Center

The business process outsourcing industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Most businesses are always aiming to provide better quality service to their customers. With outsourcing call centers, these businesses can improve their services and reduce costs at the same time. If your

Continuing Care - Is it Right For You?

Not everyone is cut out to pursue a career in continuing care. It requires a special temperament and personality to withstand the unique challenges and pressures that the caregiver will be subjected to.

How to Load Semi-Trailers With a Forklift

A primary use of the standard forklift is the loading and unloading of cargo. The most common instance of this is the semi-trailer. While the task is straight forward, there are certain dangers that must be avoided and procedures to be followed.

List of Highest Paying Careers

Many of the highest-paying careers are also careers that are in high demand, thanks to a shortage of qualified people. Most high-paying careers require several years of postgraduate education. This extra schooling often means those in top-paying careers will have a lot of debt to pay...

Moving Abroad? 8 Essential Questions For Expats' Trailing Partners

Oftentimes moving abroad comes as a result of a job offer to relocate. Sounds great - the chance to live overseas, with a position already lined up, and frequently a promotion/pay hike to boot. But for any accompanying partner there is a lot more to think about.

Use A Cover Letter Template Always Include A Cover Letter With Your Resume

Whenever you are applying for a job, it is essential to always include a cover letter with your resume.If you are uncertain how to go about using a cover letter correctly, then you should look for and use a good cover letter template.Not including a cover letter with your resume can cause you to los

Sample Job Description for a Mechanical Technician

A mechanical technician applies mechanical engineering theories and principles to a project. These employees work under the direction of engineers or physical scientists. A mechanical technician can also be known as a mechanical engineering technician.

Youth Employment Ideas

Finding work can mean new freedom for young people.SONY DSC image by kuhar from Fotolia.comWhen young people decide to work, they face specific challenges, not the least of which is their age. Decide if you want to work regularly or temporarily. Determine how much time you can spend...

How to Identify and Select a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are most often referred to as Change Agents and there is no doubt that the Black Belt role is a leadership position within an organization. Black Belts are full-time Lean Si

Design a Resume of Substance!

A properly designed resume can go a long way in differentiating between a candidate getting an interview call or getting rejected before the interview itself. According to a survey conducted in a major IT 'powered' city in India, a country which has become the hub of IT and IT enabled jobs

Good tips On How To Find A Job Online

Job searching is one of the most stressful things you can ever encounter. Quite a number of people are seeking work these days merely for the reason that their applications are often turned down or ig

Who Pays Mechanical Royalties?

Who is respsonible for footing the bill for mechanical rights royalties and how are they distributed?

Tips To Get A Physical Therapy Assistant Qualification

Accident Victims, Seniors, Athletes or anybody experiencing problems with mobility require the help of an actual Therapy Assistant, causeing this to be one of the most popular work in the world today. Ensuring that patients ...

Ace Your Job Interview - 10 Top Tips

As jobs shift from the corporate to the entrepreneurial sector, more and more people are taking on the role of consultant or specialized expert. New entrepreneurs suddenly find themselves responsible for creating the business plan, ...

GE Retirement Benefits

General Electric began with Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb.Clear lightbulb image by simbolocoma from Fotolia.comGeneral Electric began under the direction of inventor Thomas Edison and today is a multi-billion-dollar company with interests in fields across the business...