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How to Attach a Wireless Router to an Existing LAN

Wireless routers are designed to connect wireless client devices, such as laptop computers, to an upstream network. For example, many homes and small business use wireless routers to share a single high-speed Internet connection. Likewise, an established LAN with Internet access can be configured wi

How to Make the Magnification Smaller on My Computer Screen

It is possible to change the magnification of your computer screen to suit your preferences. You can zoom in or out on elements on your screen as desired. Doing so requires changing the configuration of your computer's display and screen resolution settings. Once completed, you will readily notice t

How to Rename an ASE Server

Computer servers are powerful machines in the computer world. These machines often hold, transfer, store and communicate data to a multitude of databases installed within the server. At times, for security reasons, you will need to rename a server for added protection. You can also change the server

How to Configure a PC for a Wireless Airport

AirPort is the brand name of a series of wireless routers manufactured by Apple, Inc. Like most similar products from other manufacturers, it is platform independent, meaning it works with both Windows PCs and Macintosh computers. One major difference; while most other brands and models use standard

5 Tricks to Make Printing at Home Even Simpler

Many of us now carry out all of our printing at home or in the office because printing technology has improved so much in recent years. However, if you want to make your printing experiences even simpler and more enjoyable then here are a few tricks that you may want to consider.

My Laptop Is Running Slow After I Dropped It

Laptops are convenient because they are small, light and portable. Because of that convenience, they sometimes get dropped. With so many potential situations where a laptop can be dropped, laptops have a high potential for damage. Dropping a laptop on a soft floor, such as thick carpeting, might

The Art of Buying the Right Printer For Your Business

With so many printers on the market, buying the right one for your business can be confusing. However, according to the experts, it's vital you take the time to identify the right one for your needs.

What Is a RADIUS Server Used For?

RADIUS is an acronym that stands for "Remote Authentication Dial In User Service." Its main use is by Internet service providers that give access to the Internet to clients via a dial-in link over the telephone line. Broadband Internet services over DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) killed off the neces

How to Prevent Overheating in Laptops

Laptops are a convenient way to work in bed or on the sofa. The problem with placing laptops on fabric is that doing so can cause overheating issues. The fabric disallows release of heat and causes the machine to get too hot. The first part of preventing heat damage is analyzing where you place the

How to Place the Cords for the Dazzle Capture Card

A video capture card is an electronic device used to convert audio and video signals from a consumer electronics device, such as a VCR, into a signal a computer can understand. Pinnacle System makes a video capture card called the "Dazzle." Before performing the cord connections to hook up the Dazz

How to Replace a Wireless Card in a Dell XPS M140

The Wireless Mini PCI card in the Dell XPS M140 is the component that allows the computer to connect to a network without having cables attached to the hub. If the card needs to be replaced or upgraded, you can easily locate it in the computer base and change it to maintain the mobility of your comp

SAS-70 Audit of Service Organizations

Statement on accounting standard no.70, is defined as a set of standards which an auditor uses for auditing and evaluating a service organization and internal controls as per contract. These standards were developed during 1988 and then maintained by AICPA i.e.

Things To Consider While Outsourcing Microfilm Scanning

Microfilm scanning is a process of converting Analog format into digital format for replicating a variety of documents. Once the data is converted into digital format through digital microfilm scanning, it becomes easy for users to retrieve data in their preferable form on computers systems or disks

Secure Remote Protocol

The Secure Remote Password Protocol (SRP) dates back to 1998 when the protocol was first published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It is a password encryption standard used for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

How to Move a Microsoft Fax Server to Another Server

You can use Microsoft Fax to send and receive fax messages via your Exchange sever. You may move your sent items folder to a different location. The sent items folder is where your outgoing faxes are archived. In order to perform this task, you will need to create a new folder with the access permis

How to Install U-3 Launcher

SanDisk's U3 Launchpad is a proprietary file launching program that comes preinstalled on compatible SanDisk U3 USB flash drives. It's possible to delete the launcher from a U3 drive, so you may find yourself needing to reinstall the U3 Launchpad if you find that it's missing from your flash drive.