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DVD Pick: 'The Last Station

The Last Station DVD DVD review, including a review of The Last Station DVD the movie, DVD details and bonus materials. Read Ivana Redwine's review of the The Last Station DVD.

How to Download the YouTube Client for Blackberry Storm

Although you can certainly visit YouTube from your Storm's browser, Google has created an application that you download to your Storm with much better features than viewing YouTube from the Web. YouTube Client allows you better access to your favorite YouTube channels, including your own videos. It

How to Remove the Rear Speaker in a Volvo 850

Replacing original factory-installed speakers with higher quality aftermarket speakers is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the sound of your car's stereo system. The first essential step of this project is to remove the existing speaker. While this may seem intimidating to the novice c

How Do I Update My Maps on Garmin Nuvi?

If you rely on your Garmin Nuvi GPS for accuracy, then having an updated map in your device is important. In addition to ensuring GPS accuracy, updating your Garmin Nuvi maps also provides you with a larger selection of Points of Interests (POIs) at various locations, such as new restaurants, gas st

How to Make a Conference Call on My Evo

A common calling feature found on many cellphones today is conference call, which allows you to speak to more than one person at a time. The HTC Evo has the conference call feature, giving you the ability to speak to two people at one time. The two other conference call participants can also speak t

How to Set Up an AT&T Remote Control With TV

If your AT&T cable features have been activated, the next step will be to set up AT&T's universal remote control. If you want to program your DVD player, TiVo, or any other home electronic devices to work with your remote, then you must follow the same instructions for each piece of equipment. Setti

How to Make a Bridge Rectifier

A bridge rectifier is an electronics component that is used in a circuit to turn alternating current (AC) electricity into direct current (DC) electricity. Although there are single components that can perform this function, you can make your own bridge rectifier by creating a bridge rectifier circu

How to Get Sound Through an HDMI Cable

HDMI has quickly taken over media interfacing, not only because of its support of high definition (HD) video, but also its support of eight-channel uncompressed audio. This is something that previous video interfacing did not allow. By including uncompressed audio in the same cable as the video inte

How to Connect a Megger

The megger, also known as the Mega-Ohm tester, is used to test the integrity of insulation between conductors. Meggers have around since 1905, and the name comes from the fact that the insulating resistance is expressed in the range of hundreds of megohms. The megger is a simple device but a lot of

How to Install RGB Video Cables in a Wall

RGB video cables, also known as component video cables, are used to connect devices such as a flat-screen television to a home theater receiver or cable box. The three color-coded plugs on each end--red, blue, and green--insert straight into standard-size RCA jacks for quick video connections. Runn

How does wireless charging work?

One of the latest advances is the wireless charging dock, which works with most popular smartphones. How do they work? Can I use a wireless charging pad? Do I need a special case?

How to Set Up HD DirecTV

As with most large television providers, DirecTV allows you to receive HD programming. HD, or high definition, can have an aspect ratio of up to 1080 horizontal lines (as opposed to 480 from standard definition television). DirecTV's HD costs $10 more than your standard package and can add close to

Tips on How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone Plan

Getting the right mobile phone plan will be beneficial for you in the long run. You can avoid more charges and manage your expenses better. In this article, you can find tips on how to choose your mob

What Is a Quad Band Cell Phone?

YOUR quad band cell phone is a cell phone that can operate on the four significant GSM frequencies as used by various cell phone service provider networks. A quad band cell phone is beneficial for you

My Blackberry Curve Will Not Recognize the Password

When your BlackBerry Curve does not recognize the password you enter, you have a limited number of times to get it right. Before entering the password too many times, you can check several factors, including how you are entering the password, before exceeding your allowed attempts.

The Ins and Outs of GeoTargeted Push Notifications

The concept of geotargeting goes back as long as marketing has existed. The point of geotargeting is you specifically your demographics solely on the basis of their geographic location.

How Do I Use Scene Modes?

Even with a fully automatic basic camera, you can manipulate the settings by learning how to use scene modes on the point and shoot camera.