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What to Look for in an Electric Guitar

Are you hunting for a brand new electric guitar? With several brands available in the market, buying a new guitar for the first time will be an overwhelming task. This article helps you to choose ...

How to Choose Bass Guitar Strings

If you want to change the tone of your bass guitar, try choosing a new set of strings. The three basic types of bass guitar strings are flatwound, roundwound and groundwound. Each type has a specific tonality, which is derived from the way the string is wound. Before choosing new strings, take some

What Are Elixir Strings?

Elixer is a company that makes strings for musical instruments. One of the hassles of playing a string instrument is that the strings go dead or break on a regular basis. Elixir has a technology extends the tone and longevity of the strings, making them more reliable than regular strings.

Everything About Moog Synthesizers

The above article helps you in getting a fair idea about a Moog synthesizer. It discusses about the genesis, history, and the types of Moog synthesizer. It also informs you about the gradual evolution of the Moog and the famous personalities associated with it.

How to Have an Easy Guitar Lesson - 5 Must Do Steps

Having an easy guitar lesson by definition needs to be easy; particularly for you. Whether you are engaging in a basic guitar lesson or cranking out an advanced guitar lesson, such a lesson needs to be done with ease so as to keep your motivation high. Too many hopeful guitarists want an easy guitar

Chelsea Field

View photos taken at the CRS at the Wildhorse show at the Country Radio Seminar on March 1, 2007. Featuring Chelsea Field, Jerrod Niemann, Burrito Deluxe, Rhonda Towns, Bucky Covington, Donovan Chapman, Jamie Lee Thurston, Lantana, and Emerson Drive.

Profile: Frankie Avalon

A profile of Frankie Avalon, the beach movie star and early-Sixties teen idol who scored big with smashes like "Venus," "DeDe Dinah," and "Bobby Sox To Stockings" before his Seventies turn in the movie Grease with the song "Beauty School Dropout." This Frankie

How to Reach Your Piano Goals

If you are just starting out with piano lessons, or have been taking them and have found that you are getting bored, or everything has slowed down, then you should really take a look at your piano goals and evaluate them thoroughly. Your goals will set your determination towards getting the results,

What is Singing?

The act of creating melody using the voice is called singing, and a singing individual is termed as a singer or a vocalist. Singing is often distinguished from speech, and in many ways singing is rega

The Passing Away of a Legend!

The tragic demise of the legendary Pop Singer Michael Jackson has shaken music lovers the world over. Michael Jackson reigned supreme over the pop music scenario for well over two decades. His singing style and supreme dancing skills enthralled people and skyrocketed Michael to fame and riches.

Production Music Library to Gain Twin Rights

Music has enough power to deliver a strong and hearty message. The professionals in both the music industry and ad agency realized the power of music and start using the popular compositions as an effective ...

How to self educate voice lessons

Singing needs a mixture of vocal power, proper diction, nice techniques and ear training. Many aspiring singers try to find mentors to aid them at the initial stage of their career but hiring a profes

How to Learn Music Appreciation

Whether it is on compact disc, digital music download or on a local radio station, everyone at one point or another comes into contact with the art of music. It takes a special kind of person, however, to truly appreciate different types of music and have a more advanced understanding of the art for

Post-Hardcore Music With Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate is a post-hardcore and metalcore band that originated in Las Vegas, Nevada. So far, they released two albums, six singles, three EPs, and eight music videos.

How to Make House Loops

Electronic dance music has seen a resurgence in the last ten years. Just as Detroit is the mecca of techno, Chicago is the sacred land of house music. Founded out of the disco movement of the 1970s, house music has birthed some of dance music's greatest pioneers and remixers, including Frankie Knuck

Country Guitar Lessons Online

If you are interested in taking country guitar lessons then there are a few different options available to you. In this article we'll discuss how to go about finding the best quality lessons and how much you should expect to pay for them.