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Easiest Way to Cut Your Own Hair

You've decided you want to save the cost of a monthly visit to your hair salon. Just about any time you visit your stylist, all you ask her to do is to trim the ends or get rid of split ends and you pay at least $20 plus a tip for each salon visit. You can learn to maintain your own hairstyle and sa

How to Make Fire Shoes

Creating your own ornamental shoes to wear not only gives you a crafty way to stand out among the crowd, it can be a great afternoon project for kids gearing up to go back to school. Starting with some simple, white canvas shoes, the popular boys' trend of adding flames to clothing and accessories c

How Diode Laser Works in Thread-Vein Removal

Thread veins are the damaged blood veins showing below the skin and can be removed by diode laser. Depending on how deep the damaged veins and capillaries are, this condition may show on the skin surf

Treating and Covering Up Scars

Looking to hide your scar? Here are some techniques to both conceal and help your scar disappear.

How Do Pocket Watches Work?

Overview of Pocket WatchesHunter-Case Pocket WatchPocket watches were invented in the 16th century, and they remained popular until World War I. Although pocket watches have largely been replaced by wrist watches in modern society, a number of watch manufacturers continue to produce...

Hair Health: Use Hair Conditioners Regularly

The harmful pollutants, long hours at work and exposure to the sun not only starts showing on the skin but also takes a toll on your precious hair. Your tired tresses need much more TLC than you think. Just washing them regularly does not do the trick.

How to Use a Nail Whitening Pen

A nail whitening pen is an easy tool to use to help create a clean and manicured look without all of the extra work. You only need a few minutes with this tool and you can have a quick and easy, professional-looking manicure.

Hair Care in Summer

Come summer and we start taking measures to protect our skin from the sun. From stocking up sunscreens to using a pair of sunglasses while stepping out of home and drinking water to stay hydrated, we leave no stone unturned. But wait a minute... haven't we forgotten something important? What ab

How to Make Private School Uniforms Cute

Wearing a private school uniform can put a damper on your sense of style. However, just because you dress like your classmates, doesn't mean you can't stand out in the crowd. Add a few personal details to your uniform to express yourself and showcase your personal style. Come up with a trademark tha

Video: How to Do Your Makeup for a Rave

Video Transcript Welcome back to Dittrich Beauty Studio. Where, today our topic is, makeup for a rave. What can you wear that will be fun, make you feel good and let you dance through the night and see the sunrise in style. Alright, so, Olivia already has wings, angel wings on her eyes...

How to Wash a Velvet Dress

Washing a velvet dress can be tricky, because velvet is notoriously difficult. It is very easy to damage velvet during the washing process because there is a high risk of actually crushing the weaving effect and changing the velvet texture to something much less appealing. There's nothing worse than

How to Style Your Own Cowboy Hat

According to Wild Wild Western Wear, John B. Stetson is credited with designing and marketing the first cowboy hat in the US in 1865, a hat that he called the "Boss of the Plains." More than a century later and the hat -- which is now a legendary symbol of cowboy lore - is popular all around the wor

How to Wear Textured Hosiery

One of the best ways to make an outfit all your own is to add a special touch. Sometimes a nice accessory can make a big difference, like jewelry or a scarf. If you want something unexpected or unusual in your outfit, textured hosiery can be a real showstopper, if you know how to pull the look off.

Perfume for your personality

Scent of a perfume can tell much about a woman's personality. A tempting fresh, sweet or on the contrary, a heavy scent we can reflect the way of being. The role of a scent is to attract you

Remove scars with acne skin care product

Acne creams are the primary products to treat a skin ravaged by acne. But now days there are a number of acne gels, acne scrubs, acne face packs and even acne skin repair treatments to take care of ac

Different Tobacco Pipes for Different Occasions

Pipes have been a traditional way of smoking tobacco for hundreds of years. Over that time pipe makers have experimented with many different styles, materials and shapes. These experiments have created several different and distinct styles of pipes. These styles have been named for the shape of the

How to Style Your Deep Curly Weave

Everyone loves beautiful hair and today anyone can easily obtain it with a hair weave. There are numerous types and textures of hair weaves and countless ways to style them. It is easy to be intimidated by a new hairstyle, but you don't have to be disheartened. Deep wave is a hassle-free type of hai