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Why Preschoolers Lie

You've gotten out of that baby stage, to have your child grow into an exciting, funny, dynamic little person-who lies. It can be disturbing to parents to see their toddler tell them a whopper, with such a straight face.

Infant Thrush Symptoms

Don't guess about Infant Oral Thrush. Know what to look for and how to help your infant if they have baby thrush. These simple signs are the answers that will help you get the relief your infant needs.

Inside the Baby's Closet

You can't expect that most babies have the same sizes. They vary greatly. Their body shapes as well as sizes is based exclusively on the background of their parents. Whilst mostly are small and can ...

Teach Your Children Values With Books

Every parent wants to instill a set of values in their children. They hope they grow up with honesty and integrity, and learn as many lessons as possible the easy way, not the hard way. Do you remember the story where a young boy yelled out as the King who walked by half naked and he said; "The

Discipline Children With Adhd

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are notoriously difficult to discipline. Becausechildren with ADHD have trouble focusing, it can hard to get them to do what you ask or listen to the reason why they are being punished. Consequences such as timeout can be hard to enforce

First Birthday Outfit - Make it Memorable

Your little girl's first birthday is coming up, but it seems like just yesterday she was born! Time flies, and you don't want to let it fly past you. Although she'll never remember her first birthday, it is a milestone that you and other family and friends will cherish and remember fo

Concern As Parents on Children Toys Safety - Mattel Toy Recall

The newspapers, TV station, internet and parents forum and office corridor conversation are talking about the recent Mattel toy recall. As a mum to my 5 year old angel, I am extremely concern about this message. My mum told me this news on first recall some 2 weeks ago. I brushed it aside thinking t

Behavior Strategies to Use At Home

If you have ever thought about handing in your parenting resignation letter after a particularly trying day with the kids, you're not alone. Fortunately, having effective behavior strategies to use at home can mean the difference between thriving in your job as parent or struggling through days

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a fun holiday for kids because it's a time they can take part in a fantasy world. Of course, children can pretend any day of the year, but on Halloween it feels as though the whole world exists in a fantasy land. Here are some excellent ideas for Halloween costumes that allow your

Academic Achievement & Family Influence

Parents play an important role in determining the educational success of their children. Their expectations for how well their children do at school and the environment at home are significant determinants of achievement. Family influence is critical in helping a child to realize academic accomplish

Teenagers and Parents Overcome Educational Challenges

As children approach teen hood it can be a frightening and worrisome experience for parents. The thought of turning over car keys or waiting up until wee hours of the night for children that are testing boundaries is enough to send chills through any parent. When the big day arrives, and birthday ma

Potty Training Regression

How frustrating is it when you have you have had your child participating in potty training for a number of days or even weeks only to see them have potty training regression. The child all of a sudden says no to sitting on the potty or simply refuses to take any part of your training regime that yo

10 Tips for Helping Your Child with Test Taking

It may be your child doing all the test taking, but you're the one who needs to help him through it. Here are some test taking tips for parents to help you get your child do his best on tests.

Causes of High Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is an anabolic steroid that promotes facial and pubic hair growth, deepening of the voice and growth of male sexual organs. High testosterone levels can pose both beneficial and detrimental health changes in both sexes.

How Can I Protect My Children?

If your child is about to leave for school and it is raining, what do you do? Do you send her out without a rain coat? Or do you wrap him in so much protective clothing he can't move?

Weaning-What Is Expected

Weaning is a gradual process. It starts when you begin giving solid food to your baby and ends when the child no longer breast - feeds or takes a bottle. This process may last a few months or more than a year.A rough outline of this process is as follows: Your baby begins eating solid foods at 4 to