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A Guide to the Best Moisturizer For Very Dry Skin

I'm convinced the best moisturizer for very dry skin is one of a few oils whose benefits have been proven for centuries -- natural and vegetable-based, like so many great skin care products. The best ...

Nummular Eczema Review

This is a skin condition common in persons with dry skin or some medical allergies. It's also refereed to as nummular eczematous dermatitis in medical language. The most unfortunate thing about Nummular eczema is that it has no cure and can only be controlled.

Healing Acne Scars - Practices to Follow

Acne can be both difficult and a bit complex to handle, especially if it is quite a lot in number. Acne is a skin condition mostly common in teenagers and occurs due to several factors ...

Tanning Beds - A Not So Hot Industry

As supply increases and demand decreases tanning beds are becoming more and more difficult to sell. The market isn't a sales persons only concern; health issues and maintenance cost also have to be considered. Maintenance cost can include anything from bulb replacement to hinge repair.

Skin Whitening - How To Get It Right

The need to have flawless skin is understandable. You are as comfortable and confident as you feel and your looks can have a great effect on confidence levels. Luckily, if you are into skin whitening to boost your confidence levels and enjoy life more and love yourself, you can get what you are look

How to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles Now!

Let's face it. People have been trying to learn how to get rid of dark under eye circles for thousands of years. There is some historical evidence of the use of fresh cucumber slices, olive ...

Skin Types - What's Your Skin Type

Skin can change with age, environment, seasons, and even on a weekly or monthly basis, womens skin can also change with their cycle.

Here’s What to Look for in Your Wrinkle Removal Cream

If wrinkles on the face are a problem, there are many options available to help reduce their appearance. Invasive forms of wrinkle reduction treatments include Botox injections and cosmetic surgeries. However, these are not highly ...

What Is the Cassette on My Bicycle?

What is a cassette on a bicycle? Ever wonder that? It's not something that plays music. Learn where yours is and what it does.

Discover the 8 Secrets of Beautiful Skin and How to Look Younger Longer

So, what are the secrets of beautiful skin? Everybody wants to be beautiful. A large part of this is getting beautiful skin. Since it is the largest organ of the human body, your skin needs all the attention you can give it. Basically, the key to beautiful skin is a healthy lifestyle. This includes

Night Care Products Help Skin Look Beautiful & Glowing

Ladies and children are the most beautiful people on earth. They need extra care and love with soft touch. Their skins are most beautiful, glowing and soft, which requires qualitative, reliable and al

Eat Your Way Out of Your Stretch Mark Nightmare

Our body says a lot about our diet. What we eat tells the story of how we live life. And those stretch marks? They're pretty much a result of Vitamin E deficiency, poor skin hydration, ...

The Most Effective Solution for Skin Lightening

Ever wondered what's the best solution for natural skin lightening? Stay out of the sun, there's a start. UVB rays from the sun stimulate increased production of melanin, which is what causes a tan and ...

My Dark Circles and Me

My struggles with dark circles were almost futile till I tried out natural home remedies. These age old Indian home remedies are effective, easy and tested (on me and myself).

Choosing The Right Brands for Mineral Makeups

Do you want to appearance excellent? Obviously you do and you are not alone. To present you an idea of what is obtainable in today's market, here are a few mineral makeup brand names that ...