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How to Cut Tungsten Steel

Tungsten steel is a common material used for wedding bands and other rings. You may have to cut the metal to remove the ring because of a hand injury or swelling that prevents the ring from sliding off. If you end up in the emergency room because of the injury, allow the medical professionals to rem

The Modern Atomic Model Is Based on the Principles of What?

The original ideas behind atoms came from the ancient Greeks, notably the philosopher Democritus. Scientists did not perform detailed experiments with atoms until the beginning of the 20th century, and what they found defied common sense. Energy comes not in continuous amounts but as discrete packet

How to Make Cabinets Look Black With Stain

Wood stain allows you to accentuate the natural hues and grain of a particular type of wood. Common wood stain colors include shades of gold, honey, red and brown, though there's no reason why you can't stain wood black. The process of staining wood black refers to ebonizing wood; it can make wood r

How to Make Your Own Magnet Board

Magnet boards are a perfect way to add some color and function to a kitchen, mudroom, or kids' wall, and they make great gifts for kids and adults. However, buying a ready-made board can be expensive, and you are limited in your choices. In a few simple steps, along with some easily acquired materi

Palm Tree Painting Techniques

Despite a simple design and color scheme, painting techniques for palm trees can be quite versatile. When considering techniques, artists can look at a variety of categories, including type of paint medium and freehand or planned techniques, as well as different art styles such as Impressionism and

Simple Projects on Gravity & Propulsion

Most people are familiar with Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, which states that all objects with mass have the same gravitational pull. This pull or force is what keeps objects on the ground and why everything that goes up (on earth) must come down. A propulsion is the stream left behind from

Alternatives to Lattice Under a Deck

Although lattice is inexpensive and easy to install, many homeowners find it unappealing. Luckily, when it comes to skirting your deck, you have several more attractive options to choose from. Whether your goal is to blend your deck into the rest of your home or give it a unique look, your choice of

Techniques for Stained Glass Lamps

The dragonfly lamp is a popular Tiffany lamp pattern.dragonfly decoration on a lamp image by Fadeeva from Fotolia.comThe basic technique for crafting stained glass lamps was developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany at the beginning of the 20th century. This method involved wrapping copper foil...

Wood Polishing Tools

Polishing accentuates a wood's grain, such as in this fruit-shaped bowl.Bowl for fruit from wood. image by juri semjonow from Fotolia.comPolishing, one of woodworking's final steps, greatly affects the finished product's appearance, especially if only a clear finish coat is applied to the...

How to Build Large Driveway Entry Posts From Wood

If you live in a dimly lit area and have trouble seeing the entrance to your driveway at night, installing two driveway entry posts can help you find your way in any light. You can use virtually any type of large wooden post for this project, so no matter what size or type of wood you use, the funda

How to Tie a Yoyo Slip Knot

The handled end of yo-yo strings are tied into a loop with a slip knot. The loop of the slip knot is the finger-hold of the yo-yo. The string is slipped onto the middle finger between the first and second knuckles and the yo-yo is controlled by that hand. You can tie a new knot into the end of your

Laser Beam Tools

Surveying instruments that use laser beams provide more exact measurements.Laser Entfernungsmesser image by Otmar Smit from Fotolia.comAs the 20th century rolled along, many new technologies were developed. One of those advanced technologies is laser beams, which was once only a dream of...

How to Solder LiPo Tabs

Lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries are often combined into a battery pack to increase voltage. This is certainly the case if you're a remote control (RC) enthusiast and chances are you prefer to build your own battery pack to match the energy requirements of your RC model. It's important that the LiPo

How to Adjust a Brookstone Clock

Some clocks perform many other functions than just displaying the time or sounding an alarm. Brookstone clocks are an example of this. Brookstone offers a line of luxury clocks, including voice-controlled devices and wireless alarm clocks that automatically display the weather for your area. Use the

Why Does My AutoFilter Only Pull the First Record on Excel?

Microsoft Excel provides AutoFilters to locate records in your spreadsheet based on search criteria. You can use keywords, numbers and expressions to limit your results to records that match your desired parameters. When your AutoFilter pulls only the first record, the problem may be with the data s

How to Make an Ecosystem in a Bottle With Fish & Plants

Making a living ecosystem inside a bottle with fish, plants and all other forms of life necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem is a great way to help form an understanding of the necessities of life. Whether for a school project, or just for fun, building yourself a working example of a contained

Substances That Affect the Rate of Melting Ice

Some substances will allow ice to melt faster by lowering the temperature at which water will icecube image by martin schmid from Fotolia.comIce melts back into a liquid form when the external temperature around the ice goes above the freezing point. But when some substances...

How to Calculate Weight Per Linear Foot

By determining the weight per linear foot of a material, you know how much any length of the substance weighs. The weight per foot is also known as linear weight density. This equals the weight in pounds of the object, such as a rope, divided by its total length in feet. For some applications, such

How to Make a Big Catapult

Armies of the Middle Ages used catapults as siege weapons, launching projectiles such as rocks, barrels of burning pitch and even beehives at enemy towns and fortifications. There were many different kinds of catapult, but one of the most common was the counterweight catapult or trebuchet, which use

How to Make a DS Joker Code for GameShark

"Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker" is a popular monster-battling game released for the Nintendo DS. Players are tasked with capturing and raising a team of monsters to battle for them in a fully 3D world. The game is quite lengthy and difficult, leading many players to turn to their GameShark cheating d