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Free Electricity For Life When You Build a Magnetic Generator

You may not be familiar with the term magnetic generator but it's a device that is taking the world by storm just now. A magnetic generator, like its name suggests, harnesses the attractive and repulsive power of magnets to induce motion into a flywheel. This flywheel is then connected to a sma

Indiglo Programmable Thermostat Instructions

The CTC programmable thermostat has a built-in Indiglo night light that helps the user see the screen in a dark environment. You can program your thermostat to operate at different temperatures according to the time of day. This control of your heating and cooling systems will save you money on your

How to Install Wall Light Fixtures

Sconces and wall lamps are a way of lighting a room that saves space relative to a lamp but avoids the dreariness of ceiling fixtures. These fixtures can be cheap or expensive, and they are always a snap to install. When tastefully chosen, they will beautify and improve any room.

How to Replace GFI With a Regular Breaker

Replacing a GFI or GFCI, also known as ground fault interrupt or ground fault circuit interrupt, breaker is a lot like changing a normal circuit breaker, with a couple of exceptions. The main difference is that normal circuit breakers do not have neutral wires to attach to the breaker's main buss ba

Dishwasher Rack Tine Tips

Tips to repair dishwasher tinesmodern kitchen image by Melking from Fotolia.comHome appliance repair is not generally popular among homeowners, but repairing the racks of the family dishwasher is a job almost any adult can handle. Dishwasher racks are made of metal coated with some vinyl...

Qualities That Set Plasma TV Apart

High definition television is the most popular appliance now for home entertainment improvements. Though more and more people nowadays love the picture perfect high resolution quality of flat screen television, many people still opt for the basic TV set for some reasons. And although the merits of b

How to Reset a Siemens 550 Washing Machine

The Siemens WP-12 T550 top-load washer is available in several European countries, including Poland, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. You might need to reset the appliance if the controls ever freeze up or if you experience difficulties running a wash cycle. Resetting an appliance often

Appliance Handles - Perfect For Making Your Appliances Look New Again

Often when people decide to redo their kitchen it's not just cabinetry and floors that are going to get a new look, but also many of the appliances in the kitchen. If you have looked at the price of appliances lately, you know this is going to be a financially huge undertaking. You want to make

Why You Need a Flat Screen Wall Mount

With the numerous Flat Screen (LCD TV or Plasma TV) Wall Mounts available, you will find it very easy to have your LCD or Plasma TV mounted on your wall safely. You have an endless variety of brackets to choose from. Do some research on what kind of bracket your TV needs to use.

Which Compact Refrigerator?

A compact refrigerator can be a great investment that will give you long and useful service, but only if you buy well to start with. People who buy compact or portable refrigerators are generally looking for a machine that can be easily relocated in the future whilst providing a suitable level of st

How to Vent a Range Hood Through a Soffit

Range hoods remove smoke, fumes, moisture and odor from the kitchen. Homeowners who want to pass these substances to the outside air without going through their roof may instead divert the range hood's air duct through an overhanging soffit on the side of the house. The process is similar to running

How Do I Unlock a TEC 1102-1 Johnson Control Thermostat?

The TEC wireless thermostat enables you to control heat, ventilation and air conditioning in your residence. It features easy-to-use interface and displays. The Johnson thermostat sets the appropriate temperature for your home. When installing the thermostat, it can become locked accidentally, thus

Aiwa Surround Sound Stereo Troubleshooting

Aiwa is a home electronics company that manufactures a variety of home theater products. Like most home theater brands, Aiwa surround sound systems include a speaker package connected to an audio/video receiver that processes signals from other components--such as a television or DVD player--to prod

Fuses in the Home

The author lists the most common type of fuses found in the home, their use and current ratings. The information particularly applies to the UK. There may be variations in other countries.

How to Change the Belt on a Whirlpool Electric Dryer

Whirlpool electric model dryers vary in the set of features and functions for each separate model. Every electric Whirlpool dryer uses the same type of mechanism to make the drum rotate, or tumble. A belt is positioned next to the drum that rotates, spinning the drum along with it. If the belt wears

How to Connect My Dryer at Home

A dryer is installed in the typical home by making two connections. The electrical cord, called a pigtail, must be installed to supply electricity to the dryer. A vent hose is connected to the dryer's exhaust and to the vent in the wall to carry the dryer's discharge outside the home. The dryer con

What Is Soffit Lighting?

In architectural terms, a soffit is the underside of any overhanging structure. Outdoors, this can be the area under roof overhangs or decks. Indoors, soffit generally refer to a dropped ceiling around the edges of the room but also can mean the area between the top of kitchen cabinets and the ceili