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How to Kill Ants in the Walls

At certain times of the year, many homes become invaded by thousands of ants looking for food, water and shelter. Some of these ants set up new colonies along the way in the walls of the house, a location difficult to access. To kill the ants in a wall, you need bait that is taken back to the colony

What Does a Hollywood Juniper Tree Look Like?

The Hollywood juniper tree likes to grow in full sun and dry conditions. It has a slow to medium rate of growth. The Hollywood juniper tree is named for its habitat in the city of Los Angeles.

What Are the Dangers of Montana Pine Beetles?

Historically, the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) holds the distinction of being the most destructive of all bark beetles. Since 1894, the beetles have occurred in conifer forests throughout the western United States. Outbreaks of the insects often span a decade, during which severe d

Why Is Loam the Best Soil?

Loam soil is considered the best because it combines the benefits of the multiple types of soil that make it up. Loam contains 40 percent sand, 40 percent silt and 20 percent clay. The soil's particles pack together well. Loam soils make growing plants in your garden or in pots relatively easy. Howe

How to Select the Right Roundup for Weed Control

Roundup is a popular brand of herbicide used on both summer and winter weed growth. Because there are two types of weeds, it is important to remain vigilant about removing weeds year-round. Weed killer comes in two different forms: preemergent and postemergent. Preemergent weed killer prevents weed

How to Grow Colorful Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a favorite in home gardens as new and colorful varieties are being made available. They are fairly easy to grow and have very few pests. The grown fruits on the plant are beautiful ornaments for your yard. Growing instructions follows.

Summer Flowers That Are Purple & Blue

Purple and blue flowers come in different shapes and flower image by Yulaki Khvenchuk from Fotolia.comSummer flowers bloom in a mosaic of hues and shades, including purple and blue. Periwinkle, cobalt, cerulean, violet and indigo blossoms add splashes of color to summer gardens...

Lupine Stem Canker Problems

Lupines originated in Mediterranean regions, but today they grow in countries around the world. Seeds from this plant rate high in nutrition and farmers often add them into the feeding regimen for cows, swine, chickens and lambs. The lupine grows tall and upright with pink and purple flowers that de

Pouring Raw Salt on Thistle

Thistle is an invasive, widespread weed that crowds crops and infests pastures. The plant's harsh, prickly stem and leaves are irritating to humans and pets, and grazing livestock tend to avoid infested areas. Thistle is difficult to control, since its long root grows deep into soil. Salt applicatio

The Best Vegetables to Grow in New Jersey

Growing healthy vegetables means starting with varieties suited to your climate.Basket of Garden Vegetables image by Karin Lau from Fotolia.comProducing healthy vegetables means picking the types that are best suited for your climate and soil types. The New Jersey Department of...

List of African Trees

The continent of Africa boasts a range of exotic plants, not the least of which are its trees. Ranging from small to towering, African trees may include features such as edible fruits, brightly colored flowers or foliage and versatile lumber in rich grains. The vast array of climates and...

Growing Conditions for Pili Nut Trees

The Pili nut is native to the Philippines and is considered a tropical to semi-tropical plant. Almost all parts of the plant are useful commercially. The nut is eaten raw, in which state it has a flavor similar to pumpkin. When roasted, the pili nut has a flavor similar to almonds. The...

How Do I Grow Kentucky Coffee Beans?

The Kentucky coffee tree (Gymnocladus dioicus) is a flowering legume that produces 6- to 10-inch-long pods in late summer. Inside the pods are black beans the size of marbles, which are covered in a green, slimy substance. The beans are the tree's seeds and although they're edible when roasted, they

How to Transplant a Hosta

Hostas are ideal plants for just about any garden. Highly praised and grown for their foliage, hostas come in a wide variety of leaf colors, such as deep green, golden and even variegated. Hostas make excellent border plants and are simply beautiful when used as a bedding option underneath trees.

Indoor Mold Removal

Mold is a type of fungus that eats dead leaves and plants. Mold spores from outside will eventually move inside your home. When they do, they can land on damp or dark areas of your home and grow there. When this happens, the mold will reproduce to form visible growth that is not only damaging to the

What Is a Trumpet Flower?

Trumpet flowers take their name from the ancient musical instrument that symbolizes fanfare and all the trappings of very special occasions. Some trumpet flowers seem to grow effortlessly, while others seem to need coaxing and special attention from gardeners. In either case, they tend to make a not

How to Plant Pear Trees Next to Apple Trees

Growing fruit in your home garden can provide you with enjoyment year-round. Apple and pear trees announce the arrival of spring with copious, beautiful blooms, and their foliage provides shade during the hot summer months. When autumn arrives, you can enjoy homegrown fruit from your trees. When gro

How to Prune a Patio Hibiscus Tree

Hibiscus is a colorful, bright flowering plant that can grow up to 8-feet wide and 8-feet tall. It is popular as a decorative landscape bush because of the multitude of blossoms that form all summer long. Hibiscus flowers like full-sun areas and require a light watering daily to maintain good, moist

How to Repot Outdoor Plants

Potted plants can outgrow their containers, this makes it necessary to re-pot them into a bigger container which will allow their roots to continue to grow and spread. Being cramped in a small pot can cause your plant to die from lack of nutrients after the roots have filled the pot and displaced th

How to Get Rid of a Baby Skunk Without Getting Sprayed

A skunk is not an overly dangerous animal to find on your property, but it can cause a unique type of damage. When a skunk is threatened or frightened, it releases a potent spray with a powerful stench that can linger for days or weeks. A baby skunk is as capable as an adult of releasing this spray,