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Gift Ideas for a Godmother

Shower the godmother of your child with a special present to represent how important she is in your child's life. The godmother of your child represents the child in religion if the parents pass away. She is chosen by the parents of the child to be a guardian of the child's religion. Typically a clo

The Best Way to Kick Start Your Life in Dubai

To buy real estate in emirates it means to take the first step to bright future. This country develops really huge paces, and Dubai became the center of world tourism for a long time. As for metric ar

Thanksgiving Dinners in the 1950s

Thanksgiving tradition was celebrated in the 1950's in a very similar fashion to the way it is celebrated today. Families would gather around the table to mingle and spend time with one another. They would often travel to spend time at family member's homes. The dinner preparation usually began as e

Hand-Made Teacher Appreciation Gifts

You don't have to spend a bundle to show your gratitude during Teacher Appreciation Week. In fact, you can say thanks to your teacher with a handmade gift that costs a fraction of the gifts you'd find in stores -- and often means more to teachers than purchased items.

Fun Gifts for Graduation

Whether your student is finishing high school, college or beyond, graduation is an exciting time. He's about to take a step in a new direction, whether that means more school or a new job. Give the graduate in your life a gift that's enjoyable but still recognizes the big change in his life.

Greek Gifts for Babies

A Greek baby gift can pay homage to his heritage.greek flag image by Albo from Fotolia.comWhen a baby of Greek nationality is born, it can be appropriate to give him a Greek-themed baby gift. It acknowledges his heritage and can be a keepsake for him to hold onto into his adult life....

Craft Ideas for Toddler Birthday Party

Toddler birthday parties can be particularly challenging. Still too young for structured games, but easily overexcited by the attention and the exciting event, toddlers can easily become overwhelmed. A good way to remedy this is to provide toddlers with fun hands-on crafts for the party. Crafts will

Hanukkah Theme Ideas for Children

There are many ways of engaging children in learning about Hanukkah. Incorporate the history of the holiday into each activity; read Hanukkah books before beginning the activity or have children write a note about why they like the holiday. Many of the activities below produce items the kids can use