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Veteran's Day

What Veteran's day should be. It should be a day we reflect on and appreciate those around us who have served our country during war to protect our freedoms. Thank those service men and women who sacrifice so that we may be free.

Self Defense Weapons

Self defense is an act of preventing another person from causing harm to one's self, property or one's home. Weapons however is a tool employed to gain a tactical advantage over an adversary, usually by injury, defeat or destruction. Therefore, this means that almost anything that can be f

Calcutta - Besieged But Hopeful

That the communist big shots of West Bengal have repeatedly accepted and still accept bribes from the Chinese government is a fact that is well known. In lieu of these payoffs, the Left Front government leaders reveal military and diplomatic secrets of India to China and stymie the progress of posit

Straw Hat: A Fashion Item Or A Casual Beachwear?

Think straw hats are for those who cannot afford real hats? Guess again. Several Hollywood celebrities have been spotted recently wearing a wide array of straw hats. From Panama hats to straw cowboy h

Being Thoughtful and Caring

The American Heritage Dictionary defines thoughtful as 'occupied with thought, well thought out and well considered, showing regard for others, and considerate'. 'Thought ou

5 Games For A 65th Birthday

Hosting a 65th birthday celebration needs both creative imagination and a style for fun to be able to achieve an amazing celebration. Some favorite game ideas are ice breakers, scavenger hunts, trivia, kids games, along with other creative games.

Dilemmas of Pharmacogenetics

The main challenge when it comes to developing new more efficient generation of drugs, is acknowledging the difference between genotypes of different population groups. Because of those differences, a medicine can be beneficial in one part of the world or quite ineffective or even harmful somewhere

Finding Criminal Information Made Public

In today's day and age, there are many reasons why someone would start looking up criminal public records. Before everything was digitized and stored in databases, a manual search can take up a lot of time.

Increasing Popularity Of Cricket News

Though England is the birthplace of cricket but the game is gaining an immense popularity all across the globe just for the sheer engaging spectacle and excitement incorporated in it. As a matter of fact in many countries like India, Australia etc.

Moving On After A Breakup - Will You Stay Or Will You Go?

Moving on after a breakup is never easy. If you're at the point of moving on, then you've probably already tried to get back together with your ex, but you may have ultimately decided he or she just wasn't the right person for you. Maybe the timing just isn't right for you or the

Obama - The Weight of the Nation on His Shoulders!

What do you imagine Barack Obama's greatest problem might be when he sits down in the Oval office? Is it going to be the worst financial crisis in 100 years, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Iran, recession....? The list is long and very, very daunting. It's difficult to know why

Find The Perfect Girly Dress For Your Little Princess!

Remember, this is your little girl and she will be so happy if you get her a tutu princess dress, fairy princess dress or any of the other tutu dress options I saw on some of these amazing sites online. You have a lot of choices ahead of you such as:

Online business and world news- Pakistan

This article throws light on online news websites. Furthermore, by reading this article you will come to know about various significant things about online news and the news websites providing info ab

Facts About Water Conservation

NASA's International Space Station has very limited resources. This includes water. For astronauts there, water recycling is the only feasible option. Many people don't realize it, but water is in lim

Power Loss Could Have Nuclear Implications

With increasing demand for power comes an ever increasing threat of power loss which, even for the smallest amount of time, can have serious financial implications for businesses. A loss of trade, cor