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How to Test Transmission Fluid

An automatic transmission must be properly maintained to avoid expensive repairs to your car. Checking your transmission fluid levels, color and odor can save your transmission from damage. Because the transmission must be properly lubricated to work, it is important to test the fluid regularly to b

How to Calculate a Boat's Capacity

Every boat less than 20 feet long has a bright yellow label affixed at its stern that gives the boat's safe capacity. This label is required so boat owners don't overload the boat with weight, both "people" weight and gear weight. Included in the "gear" weight is the weight of the motor, if any. The

How to Check a Radiator Fan

Your car's radiator holds coolant fluid for the motor to ensure that the motor doesn't overheat. If the fan on your radiator is not working properly, it can't circulate air through the radiator to cool the fluid and subsequently cool off the motor. If you have had problems with your engine overheati

How to Reset the Service Light on a Jeep

The check engine or service light on a Jeep is a warning sign something is wrong with the engine. A problem with the computerized engine-management system will trigger a fault code and cause the "check engine" light to come on. Address the problem, then reset the light to make sure you've resolved w

How to Close Down Welding Equipment

Properly closing down welding equipment at the end of a workday will extend the life of the equipment. Leaving the welder running overnight causes the internal components to wear rapidly, and if you leave your shielding gas bottle valve open, gas will seep out of the regulator assembly overnight, ev

How to Keep the Leather in Your Car Nice

Leather is a long term investment. Leather is a popular material for car interior and other accessories because of its durability. If you take care of it, it should last longer than most things in your car. The tighter economy has forced some consumers to scale back on cleaning costs, sometimes repl

Van Parts - How to Replace a Turbo Charger

With a medium skill level and an estimated two hours completion time, you can remove and replace your turbo charger using our helpful and straight forward "how- to" guide. The first thing to note is that you will need to have the van or car jacked up as you will need to be working on the u

How to Make Motorcycle Baffles

Motorcycle exhaust systems function relatively the same as a car's. The exhaust pipe exits the combustion chamber, carries the exhaust gas through a muffler, then expels the gas into the atmosphere. Because some riders like their bikes to sound louder or to rev faster, they remove the mufflers. This

How to Make a Homemade Brake Bleeder

A brake bleeder is a device that siphons or directs air out of the brake system in your vehicle. The simplest design is a tube and cup that helps remove air from the brake lines using the vehicle itself to provide the vacuum pressure needed to remove the air. If you don't want to buy a brake bleeder

How to Wire a Power Window Switch

Power windows are a convenient accessory and have long replaced manual crank windows. However, the switch that controls the window can malfunction due to usage over time. This renders the window useless as it cannot be moved by hand. Wiring a new power window switch is as simple as replacing a light

Why Bore an Engine?

Engines are subject to wear and stress from day-to-day city driving, overheating and overloading. Contaminates that enter the engine through the air intake or through the engine oil system cause wear in the cylinders and on the piston surfaces. As cylinder wear increases, engine efficiency decreases