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How to Get More Experience on "My Shops"

"My Shops" is a video game accessed on Facebook, a popular social networking tool. The object of "My Shops" is to run an entire shopping street. The "Mayor" of the town has placed you in charge of this project. First, you must build your own shop, starting with the bakers. As you gain more experienc

Singles Are Complete!

Singles Are Complete! By Michele R. Hughes Many times, some people look at singles as being incomplete. Now, their reasoning is based on what they have lived. But what they subjectively believe is from their ...

Sex While Camping - Ah The Great Outdoors!

Ah, the great outdoors! Is there anything more wholesome than camping? Camping offers a lot of different options for couples to experience, and for those who are looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure, sex while camping might just be what you want to pursue. The thing about sex while camping is

How a Man Should Look For a Mate

What should a man know if he is looking for a long-term relationship? How should a man find a mate that will stick around no matter what? One of the best pieces of advice a man can take is to stop listening to what they are told women want and start paying attention to what women really show they wa

When a Flirt Passes the Mark of Harmless Flirting

Sometimes it is very hard to know the thin line between harmless flirting and a lethal one. Whatever the case, you have the chance to determine whether the flirting you engage in is any harmless or it will gnaw at your love or flirting life forever until you realize it.

Things Women Must Know When Dating

Women do not have it easy in the dating realm. There is a lot that can go wrong and often the repercussions are much, much worse than what a male would need to deal with. This is a skill. It's something you can become better at and hopefully the following advice and ideas will help you much bet

How To Find A True Love?

It is very difficult to judge a person from the crowd who is always willing to be near you, but if you stretch your mind little bit more than you will easily recognize a person from a huge crowd who i

The Best Ways To Create Sexual Tension

When you are out on the prowl, you do not just go out to simply meet and talk with a beautiful woman. Of course, you very well know that you intention goes beyond talking. It may involve dating but your real and true intent is to be able to seduce her to your bed. Seduction is more than just finding

How to Flirt Effectively

Men and women flirt in your own way, for different reasons and anticipate diverse outcomes to the flirting. On the other hand, if you put aside that conclusion and flirt just to be friendly you ...

About Men - A Defensive Man Can't Love

So what do you mean when you say "defensive?" I think most of us recognize the blaring signs: he's brutally critical or ornery. He complains a lot and blames other people for his lot in life. Sometimes defensiveness is more subtle.