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The connection between life and values

Values are nothing but our beliefs and acceptance of certain moral obligations. Values also are principles that become the very foundation of our lifestyles. They also establish your priorities and tr

Got Energy Leaks? Undoubtedly Yes!

All the little (and sometimes big) energy leaks in your life matter. They wreak havoc on your focus, muck up your motivation, and keep you stuck. And that makes it a thousand times harder to achieve what's most important to you. Here are six steps to get started on eliminating your energy drain

Substance Abuse and Stress

It is well understood that the effects of stress can lead to substance abuse. Stress is a part of life and there is no way to completely avoid stress, but what links stress and substance abuse is largely due to the inability of the individual to deal with an increase in stress. Many substance users

Find Your Edge, Be Your Best, Be Bold, Be Wise!

Every moment of our lives we have a choice of how we will view a situation and how we will react - not reacting is also a reaction. Instead of running away from the things that scare you it is actually easier to learn not to be scared. We are scared of too many things. When we bump up against our ed

Making Your Strategic Planning Work

When refining or creating your vision for next year, it is crucial that every team member participates fully, offering as much constructive input as possible. The more participative and inclusive the process of creating or refining your vision is, the easier it will be for all stakeholders to accept

Forgiveness Affirmations

Holding onto feelings of anger or revenge are likely to be hurting us rather than the original perpetrator, with whom we may not have had any contact for years, or worse still, who may have already pa

Activate the Life of Your Dreams

Wouldn't you like to cultivate a garden of your dreams and allow the dreams to be created into your life. To be able to create this you need to consider whether you are prepared to do the inner work of releasing habits that no longer serve you and replace these with new beliefs that are unlimit

Mind Movies 2 Review - Do Mind Movies Really Work?

Does the new Mind Movies 2 really work? This is the solution that is helping thousands of people around the world achieve their goals easily by helping them visualize it and then making it into a movie. Many people are able to set goals in their lives but find themselves unable to achieve.

Say What You Heard!

Say what you heard, so you can see what you said!!Such a powerful statement but many do not know the meaning of this.

What You Need To Know In Order To Soar To Success

Know the power surrounding you. Individuals should know they have the power to succeed around them at all times. They should look for things they can bank on to create this success. There are many forces out there that can help you reach success levels. This may include sessions from already success

3 Small But Wonderful Lessons

Ever start something you didn't finish? Ever try to do it all yourself? Ever get impatient that something you wanted was taking too long? Of course you have. Everyone experiences these things every now and then. This article covers 3 things you can do to handle these situations in a more produc